At National Geographic Learning, our mission is to bring the world to the classroom, and the classroom to life. We want students of English and their teachers to experience the excitement and joy of learning through our materials.

We invite you to join us in professional development webinars with English Language Teaching specialists, speakers from the TED stage, National Geographic Explorers, and others in the English Language Teaching field.

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10 June
Reimagining Community Engagement

Presenter(s): Aziz Abu Sarah

Young Learners Webinar Recording

Assessing Young Learners Online

Presenter(s): Elaine Boyd

Young Learners Webinar Recording

Bridging the Gap Between Home and School

Presenter(s): Claire Venables

Building a Supportive Online Community

Presenter(s): Joan Kang Shin

Making Your Screen Come Alive

Presenter(s): Joan Kang Shin

Young Learners Webinar Recording

Learning Academic Content Through English

Presenter(s): Deborah Short

Exploring Endangered Languages

Presenter(s): K. David Harrison

21st Century Skills for Young Learners

Presenter(s): Katherine Stannett

Engaging Young Learners with Projects

Presenter(s): Jodi Crandall

Upcoming Young Learners and Teens Webinar

Channeling Your Inner Explorer

Presenter(s): Asha De Vos

Literacy Programming for Young EFL Learners

Presenter(s): Joan Kang Shin

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