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How to Motivate Learners: A Brain-Based Approach


31 May

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Baja California
9:30 AM (31 May)
Sinaloa / Sonora
9:30 AM (31 May)
Colombia / Ecuador / Panama / Peru / Quintana Roo
11:30 AM (31 May)
Bolivia / Dominican Republic / Puerto Rico / Venezuela
12:30 PM (31 May)
Argentina / Brazil / Chile / Paraguay / Uruguay
1:30 PM (31 May)

In recent years, experts have shared fascinating insights about how the brain learns best and how long-lasting learning can be fostered. How can we take advantage of this knowledge and transform it into tasks and activities that enable our students to improve their communicative competence in English?

The aim of this session is to share some current findings from the field of educational neuroscience while addressing some fun tasks and activities that stimulate language learning and enhance academic performance in every student.

Esther Vázquez is an experienced and passionate teacher and teacher trainer in the ESL field and has taught English extensively at different levels and backgrounds. She is also an Academic Consultant for National Geographic Learning and has delivered presentations all over South America, in Central America, Spain, India and in the USA. Esther holds a BA in Educational Management and a Master’s Degree in Neurosciences for Educators, and has specialized in the areas of Neurolearning, Neurodiversity and Social and Emotional Learning over the last 14 years. 

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Hosted by: National Geographic Learning Latin America

Category: Academic Days

Presenter: Esther Vázquez

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