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Most of us have had experience using projects in our Young Learner or Very Young Learner lessons, and many of us know the benefits of doing them.  Perhaps few of us have done projects in an online, blended, or asynchronous learning environment, though.  Despite the apparent challenges of a different setting, projects still play a crucial role in formative and summative assessment as well as in developing a range of skills and abilities in our learners.  In this session, we will look at the considerations and tasks at each stage – before-project, during-project and after-project – that make our projects work well in any learning setting.  Join us as we explore plans for delivery of three specific projects – and contribute to the plan for a fourth project with the other attendees in the session!


Andrew Tiffany is a Teacher Trainer for National Geographic Learning currently based in Taipei.  Andrew’s degrees are in physics and he has been working in education his entire adult life, beginning as a teacher of physics and math at university.  Later, he taught EFL and ELA for preschool, primary and high school students, and has worked over 10 years as trainer at schools and businesses in Asia.  He has worked with or trained thousands of teachers and likes to do so because, through them, he can help even more students around the world.  When possible, he still teaches school students in his free time.
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