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Bringing the World to the Classroom: Arctic Exhibition

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Segment: Young Learners

Hosted by: National Geographic Learning Asia

Category: Authentic Content, Model Lesson, Projects

Presenter: Will Laschet

National Geographic Learning brings the world to the classroom and the classroom to life. In this week's model English lesson for teachers of young learners we're going on a school trip — to the Arctic! This exciting video lesson gives us a sneak peek into National Geographic photographer, Cory Richards's world as he attempts to capture the perfect photograph of an amazing animal. As well as delighting us with incredible landscapes and nature, this lesson serves as a soft introduction to bigger issues. Why is Cory there? What impact will his photographs have? We'll also build a hands-on project by making a simple pinhole camera out of household objects! Join us to see how we can teach English, raise awareness of sustainability goals, and include engaging science projects all in one lesson!

Will Laschet is a Senior Academic Consultant for National Geographic Learning. He is a DELTA qualified teacher and trainer from the UK. He has been teaching English since 2001 and has experience in the private, public, and tertiary sectors working with students of all ages and abilities. He has also been lucky enough to work with and train thousands of English teachers in Asia and further afield. His academic interests include facilitating student engagement, encouraging learner autonomy, and using technology as a learning tool.

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