Teaching Reading: Phonics Instruction for Young Learners

3 March 2020


When learning to read, children must learn how print works, that words are made up of sounds, and that those sounds are represented by symbols. In other words, students must learn concepts of print, phonemic awareness and letter identification. This sessions demonstrates proven methods that teach the foundational skills needed by students in order to enjoy reading and become successful and independent readers. Such readers ultimately read fluently to derive the message delivered in the print.


During her 18 years of teaching in K–2 classrooms, as well as teaching Descubriendo la lectura and Reading Recovery, Lada Kratky has fostered a love of reading in hundreds of English-speaking and Spanish-speaking children. She is the author of numerous children’s books and classroom resources and has authored both English and Spanish early literacy programs. She has been a featured speaker at national, regional, and local educational conferences, as well as institutes and training workshops across the country, presenting strategies and techniques for effective early literacy instruction.

Ms. Kratky’s monographs include:Reach into Beginning ReadingMake Every Minute Count!Early Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners, and Patterned Text.

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