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How can I use a Learning Management System to help my Young Learners develop skills more Effectively?

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When we teach Young Learners, we want to take advantage of all the tools and resources we can get our hands on – great curriculum, well-developed activities, engaging visuals, and so on. Another element that can also propel student learning is the use of a Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS can aid teachers in building student motivation, developing good learning habits, aiding memory and retention, and also in gaining another committed partner – the learners’ parents – to help the students succeed in their learning. In this session, we will explore these ideas in more detail and discuss practical ways that you can use an LMS system like that found in National Geographic Learning’s young learner programs – Our World 2nd edition and Look – to great effect.


Andrew Tiffany is a Teacher Trainer for National Geographic Learning currently based in Taipei.  Andrew’s degrees are in physics and he has been working in education his entire adult life, beginning as a teacher of physics and math at university.  Later, he taught EFL and ELA for preschool, primary and high school students, and has worked over 10 years as trainer at schools and businesses in Asia.  He has worked with or trained thousands of teachers and likes to do so because, through them, he can help even more students around the world.  When possible, he still teaches school students in his free time. 
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