3,4, 5 - GO! Preparing Very Young Learners for School

3-4 March

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Research shows that quality early childhood education and enhanced school readiness lead to positive benefits through to adulthood.  But what is school readiness?  How do we prepare a very young learner (VYL) for school?  In this session, we look briefly at the importance of developing school readiness and what ‘school readiness’ means.  We will then look at a range of approaches and activities for VYL classrooms, and for parents at home, to help the children in our care do as well as they can in the world that is waiting for them in school and beyond.  Bring your ideas and questions, too, as we explore and share together.



Andrew Tiffany is a Teacher Trainer for National Geographic Learning currently based in Taipei.  Andrew’s degrees are in physics and he has been working in education his entire adult life, beginning as a teacher of physics and math at university.  Later, he taught EFL and ELA for preschool, primary and high school students, and has worked over 10 years as trainer at schools and businesses in Asia.  He has worked with or trained thousands of teachers and likes to do so because, through them, he can help even more students around the world.  When possible, he still teaches school students in his free time. 

Andrew Tiffany
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