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Bridging the Gap Between Home and School

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Claire Venables



We have long known that parental engagement is directly linked to student achievement and with the recent shift to online learning, building a strong partnership with the parents and caregivers has become more important than ever. Without it, attempts at remote teaching could easily lead to mismatched expectations and disappointment. In contrast, we have seen how educators who prioritize relationships with families experience better levels of student motivation, participation and behavior during online lessons.

Join this webinar to learn practical ways educators and school management can strengthen the relationship with families, build trust, confidence and establish a genuine partnership between home and school.


Claire Venables has been dedicated to ELT since 2001. After a decade in Spain, she moved to Brazil in 2011 where she has worked in the creation and implementation of bilingual programs in schools, the development of teacher development courses, as a national and international speaker, materials writer, active member of the National Association of Teachers of English (BRAZTESOL), and board member of two special interest groups (SIGs): VOICES for Women and Young Learners and Teens.  Despite her wide-ranging experience, she is and always will be most passionate about teaching children. 


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