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Inspiring Curiosity, Communication and Creativity in the Young Learner Classroom

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Imagine a classroom that is a fun, engaging, and motivating environment for young learners. Imagine using real life stories, facts and photographs to introduce our young learners to the world in a way that sparks their curiosity, stimulates communication and celebrates creativity. Imagine that!

In this presentation, Kath will explain how by capturing our students’ imagination right from the beginning of their learning journey and opening their eyes to wonders from around the world, we can inspire them with curiosity, and give them the tools to start reading, writing and speaking in English. 

Andrew will then share teaching examples of Kath’s points with the young learner title “Imagine”, using the audience as his ‘class’.  Finally, Kath will debrief what was done to inspire curiosity, communication and creativity, illustrating how you can do the same to bring your own classroom to life.


Katherine Stannett is an author with over twenty years of experience. She spent two years in Japan in the 1990s, teaching English to a wide variety of students in many different settings. She is the co-author of several successful secondary series and has also written articles, songs and raps for many popular EFL magazines. She has written two levels of the new National Geographic Middle School series, Impact, one level of the new National Geographic Primary series, Look and Imagine, and is a co-author of New Close Up. She has given presentations and run workshops in many countries around the world and also conducts webinars from her home office in the UK. 

Andrew Tiffany is a Senior Academic Consultant for National Geographic Learning.  Andrew has over 25 years of teaching experience, including 15 years of teaching and teacher training in greater China. Originally from New Zealand, he has a Masters degree, TEFL certification, and has worked with both EFL learners and international school learners from PreK-12 in English and subject content. Because he has taught some fascinating STEM subjects in the past, Andrew likes to take big ideas and break them down to the basic elements that work, to find ways of doing things efficiently and effectively. He enjoys helping others develop and grow, and works with teachers to inspire and foster a love of learning in their students.

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