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The Whole Picture:
Multidisciplinary Learning in English Language Classes with Very Young Learners

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The pre-school years are a time of wonder and learning for very young children. They are learning about the world around them and they are developing the multidisciplinary skills they need to find their place in it.

They are developing speech and language skills as they learn to express themselves. They are gaining academic knowledge and the cognitive skills they need to process information and think for themselves. They are developing their motor skills as they explore the world and accomplish tasks. And they are learning the life and social and emotional skills they need to look after themselves, get on with other people and make informed decisions.

If pre-schoolers learn in a multidisciplinary way, we need to reflect this in their English language classes. Join us to explore how we can do this effectively.


Susannah Reed is an experienced author and educational consultant, specialising in primary and pre-primary ELT materials. After teaching in Spain and the United Kingdom, Susannah has worked in educational publishing for over 25 years as a publisher as well as a writer of ELT course books and readers for children around the world. Committed to exciting, caring, and multi-disciplinary materials which inspire children’s natural curiosity and creativity, Susannah is proud to be the author of National Geographic Learning’s Look and See, a three-level series for very young learners of English.
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