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The Imagine Road Map to Confident Communication for Young Learners

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Children are naturally curious, with an enormous appetite for learning about the world. When it comes to teaching English, we can tap into this curiosity by providing a window to amazing facts, people and places. But how can we do this in a way that is truly meaningful for young learners, and creates a memorable and motivating learning experience that both builds essential language skills and fosters a love of English?

In this session we will look at how our primary series, Imagine, pairs fascinating, real-world content with step-by-step presentation and structured practice, to carefully scaffold young learners’ progression in English at every level of their Primary education. By focusing on four key areas: Communication Skills, Foundational Language Structure, Interculturality and Multiculturality, and Contextualised Reading and Writing Opportunities, we will examine how Imagine’s systematic language progression, from Starter to Level 6, equips learners with the foundational language skills they need to become confident communicators in English.


Joanna Freer is an Executive Editor with National Geographic Learning, based in the UK. She has worked in education for 17 years, and in ELT publishing for 13 of those, during which time she has developed award-winning and best-selling courses for both Primary and Pre-Primary learners.
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