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Words to Remember:
Practical Strategies for Building Vocabulary Through Reading​

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Chris Street

Development Editor 

Sean Bermingham

Executive Editor 

Vocabulary is key to academic success in English. But in a language that is estimated to include around a million words, it’s no wonder that many learners find vocabulary acquisition a challenge. Research suggests that reading – both extensive and intensive – can be one of the best tools to climb this mountain of words. In this webinar, Sean Bermingham and Christopher Street offer practical advice on using authentic reading materials to expand learners’ vocabulary – both in class and online.


Sean Bermingham is an Executive Editor for National Geographic Learning. A former English language teacher, Sean has given presentations and workshops at language teaching conferences in Asia and North America. He is currently based in Singapore, where he works on the development of new products for the global ELT market, including coursebooks, digital components, and instructor materials.

Christopher Street is a Senior Development Editor for National Geographic Learning. He has been based in Singapore since 2004 and has many years’ experience working in ELT, both as a teacher and Academic Director. Chris achieved his MSc in TESOL in 2014, with a specialism in course and materials design, and moved into the ELT publishing industry shortly afterwards. Most recently, Chris has worked as the lead editor on the new edition of National Geographic Learning’s Reading Explorer series.



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