What is behind the motivation of teens in education?

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One of the biggest challenges in education is to keep teenage students truly engaged. In an online environment it might seem even harder to motivate these learners and create meaningful learning opportunities that will increase student satisfaction and commitment. By challenging beliefs regarding motivation that might have been informing our practice for a long time – especially the idea that rewards and threats are effective tools, we will delve into what real motivation is and discuss newer paradigms. In this webinar, we will look into the role of autonomy, mastery and purpose in educational processes and how a deeper understanding of these principles can empower educators in the quest towards the motivation of their teenage students


Vinicius Nobre is a managing partner at Troika. He has been in English Language Teaching since 1995 and has worked as a teacher, teacher educator, academic coordinator, international examiner, education manager and content developer in a range of contexts. Vinnie is a course book writer and has coauthored three methodology books: “Getting into Teacher Education: a handbook” and “Getting into ELT Assessment” both with Cengage Learning, and “Teaching English Today: Contexts and Objectives” (SBS/DELI). He is a CELTA tutor and assessor, a DELTA tutor, past president of BRAZ-TESOL and member of their advisory board, a professor for post graduation courses, a tutor for the University of Chichester MA program, and a member of the New Routes Advisory Board. Vinnie has also published several articles on a variety of topics, written chapters in academic publications and spoken as a guest in many international conferences in Brazil and abroad. 



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