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Tips for Teaching Writing Online​

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More classes are being taught online, including writing.  As a result, teachers are looking for practical ways to teach writing in today’s ever-growing e-learning environment.  Some teachers have been teaching asynchronous courses that students complete according to a set schedule (using a learning management system such as Canvas or Moodle) for a little while, but now some of us are suddenly teaching synchronous classes that meet online at a set class time (using platforms such as Zoom).  In these online classes, how can we best teach writing?  In this webinar, we will confront some of the challenges in teaching writing online and look at some practical ways for teachers to help students improve their writing skills. 

This session will focus on the Academic Skills Segment for adult learners. 


Dr. Keith Folse is Professor of TESOL at the University of Central Florida, where he has taught in the undergraduate TEFL program, the master’s in TESOL program, and the PhD in TESOL program. He has taught English in the U.S., Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. His research has appeared in TESOL Quarterly, MexTESOL Journal, TESL Reporter, Language Teacher (JALT), Perspectives (TESOL Arabia), among others. His main research interests are best research-based teaching practices in teaching grammar and vocabulary in writing. He has conducted teacher training all over the world and is the author of 74 textbooks, including the six books in the new 5th edition of the Great Writing series as well as the three books in the Grammar for Great Writing series (National Geographic Learning). 


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