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Rob Jenkins and Staci Johnson



Teaching in a virtual classroom presents challenges for even the best teachers.  One such challenge is how to motivate our students while maintaining a learner-centered environment.  Video is a great way to open our students’ minds to possibilities and avoid the common syndrome of endless hours of talking heads.  Using video in our classrooms (whether virtual or not) is a skill that can be developed and used now in this new learning environment. 
In this session learn to use Stand Out life-skill videos and National Geographic videos at even the lowest levels to bring your instruction to life and reach students in an online environment.   


Rob Jenkins is a popular presenter and author of English as a Second Language topics. He is a retired faculty member from Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education where he taught ESL for 27 years and served as faculty development coordinator for 20. He was honored with several faculty awards from his college and the Best Practice of Model Program Award in 2013 from the Association of Community and Continuing Education.
Staci Johnson has taught all types of adult ESL, including credit and non-credit college and workplace English. She holds an MA in Linguistics with a Teaching ESL Certificate. She is a co-author of Stand Out, published by National Geographic Learning, now in its third edition. Rob and Staci Johnson received the 2013 Heinle Outstanding Achievement Award from National Geographic Learning for their textbook series, Stand OutStand Out is in its third edition.
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