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Global Pronunciation—Communicating Across Borders

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Segment: Adult

Hosted by: National Geographic Learning Asia

Category: Adult Education, Speaking

Presenter: Andrew Duenas

What is the best accent for students to aim for? A better question for teachers might be, “Who will my students be speaking to?” In many teaching contexts, there are people from many cultures and backgrounds that our students might encounter, so they need to be ready with clear pronunciation. How can we help them achieve this?

In this webinar, National Geographic Learning teacher trainer Andy will discuss a new approach to a pronunciation syllabus that prioritizes global communication, so that students can be understood by a wide variety of people. Andy will discuss how this pronunciation approach was developed by expert authors, what content is included in this approach, and how it can be implemented in classrooms.

Andy Duenas is the Senior ELT Consultant for Academic and Training at National Geographic Learning, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Andy has been teaching English language to children and adults in Asia for over twelve years in general English, academic English, business writing, and exam preparation. Andy completed an MA in applied linguistics and has worked in teacher training and development for over five years. During this time, he’s trained and worked with hundreds of teachers, teaching assistants, and school administrators all around Vietnam.

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