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How to Teach Pronunciation for Global Communication

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When pronunciation is presented in many published materials and taught in class, the prime focus is typically on imitating a standard British or a general American pronunciation model. Nevertheless, since English is primarily used as a tool for global communication among people whose first language is not English, such an approach becomes questionable. For example, there is no evidence that these two models of pronunciation are actually the most intelligible in international contexts nor achievable for most adult learners.

This talk will thus provide participants with clear pedagogical principles and practical activities forming an alternative approach to teaching pronunciation. More specifically, it will start with an overview of the most important findings from the last 20 years of pronunciation research in international contexts. It will then provide participants with clear pedagogical principles they can use to teach pronunciation. Finally, participants will see an array of practical pronunciation activities that they can use with their students.


Marek Kiczkowiak has been in ELT for over 10 years. He has a PhD in TESOL and has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals on native speakerism and teaching English as a Lingua Franca. He has taught English in seven different countries in a variety of educational contexts and currently writes materials for National Geographic Learning. He runs his own company, Academic English Now, where he helps PhD students write excellent theses and research papers for high-impact journals. 
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