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Developing Mediation Skills for Intercultural Communication

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Our students are learning English to communicate with people from around the world, with people with different cultural backgrounds and a range of communication styles.  They are eager to make real connections, build relationships, and engage in meaningful conversations.  In the new CEFR descriptors for mediation, the ability to facilitate a pluri-cultural space and manage communication in delicate situations has been given fresh importance and re-defines how our students can become effective communicators in English. So how can we help students successfully navigate these real, culturally rich situations? Using examples from Voices from National Geographic Learning, this interactive session demonstrates lesson ideas and activities educators can use to help our students develop the skills and language they need to communicate effectively across cultures.


Chia Suan Chong is a writer, communication skills trainer and a teacher trainer. She is the author of Successful International Communication, where she presented her ADAPT model as a framework for dealing with intercultural conflict. Delivering both online and face-to-face training to teachers and learners around the globe, Chia specializes in interactive workshops that encourage reflection for more effective international communication and improved collaboration. Currently based in York, Chia was English Teaching Professional’s award-winning resident blogger between 2012 and 2019. She developed and co-wrote the Pearson ELTD – an online teacher training course, has contributed extensively to the British Council Learn English website and holds a DELTA and a Masters in Applied Linguistics and ELT. Chia is a co-author for Voices, an integrated series by National Geographic Learning for adult learners of English. 
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