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Mediation: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

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Segment: Teaching Teens and Adults

Hosted by: National Geographic Learning Global

Category: Adult EducationMediation

Presenters: Rachael Gibbon, Delia Kidd

Since the inclusion of Mediation as a key skill in the 2020 Companion Volume of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), there has been much talk within the field of ELT about its relevance to learning language. But what is Mediation, why is it important, and how do we integrate it into our teaching practice? In this talk, we discuss these questions and explore how Mediation is dealt with in learning materials, and how inclusion of Mediation tasks can support learners in becoming more empathetic communicators. We will also invite teachers to share experiences and challenges from their own teaching practice.

Rachael Gibbon is Global Publisher for ELT at National Geographic Learning. She holds an MA in Educational Research with a focus on Education and Social Justice from Lancaster University. Following several years teaching teenagers and adults in Italy, she’s worked in educational publishing for 15 years in the UK and Turkey, overseeing the publication of a number of flagship titles. Her favourite part of every project is still getting back into the classroom with teachers and learners to understand their challenges and aspirations so she can better support their achievements with learning materials that motivate and inspire.

Delia Kidd is a Managing Development Editor at National Geographic Learning, based in the UK. She has a Masters in English Language Teaching and experience in educational research and publishing, as well as several years as a primary and EFL teacher and materials developer in multiple countries including South Africa, South Korea, Italy and the UK.

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