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Developing Confident Communicators for the Real World

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The primary goal of many English language students is to be able to communicate in English in the real world. They need to be effective communicators in their professional, academic and social lives. However, even learners with an intermediate or advanced level of English can sometimes struggle to get their message across in public – not because they don’t have the English they need, but because they lack the inward and outward confidence. In this webinar we’ll begin by exploring what communication is and then we’ll consider the ways in which you can boost your learners inward and outward confidence so they become confident communicators. The session will include plenty of practical advice and classroom activities, including extracts taken from the new fourth edition of World Link.


John Hughes is an award-winning ELT author with thirty years’ experience of teaching and teacher training. He has worked with learners and teachers from all over the world and is a well-known conference presenter. For National Geographic Learning, he is an author on the course series Life, World English, Third Edition World Link, Fourth Edition, Success with Business, and Total Business. He’s also the author of the methodology title, Critical Thinking in ELT. His website is
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