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Fact or Fake? Authenticity in the Digital Era

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Segment: Academic

Hosted by: National Geographic Learning Asia

Category: Model Lesson

Presenter: Will Laschet

In the digital era, we are exposed to huge amounts of information. As more of what we see is AI generated, and less of what we read is from trustworthy sources, we need to ask more questions. Is this real? Why do we believe fake news? How can we protect ourselves from misinformation? 

Join this webinar for Academic English teachers to learn how to use critical thinking skills such as evaluating and verifying information. See how Reading Explorer presents important academic and life skills through engaging and trending content that will help our students to succeed by challenging what they read and helping them make considered decisions.

Will Laschet is a Senior Academic Consultant for National Geographic Learning. He is a DELTA qualified teacher and trainer from the UK. He has been teaching English since 2001 and has experience in the private, public, and tertiary sectors working with students of all ages and abilities. He has also been lucky enough to work with and train thousands of English teachers in Asia and further afield. His academic interests include facilitating student engagement, encouraging learner autonomy, and using technology as a learning tool.

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