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Channeling Climate Emotions to Inspire Student Action


29 May


Central European Summer Time


Central European Summer Time

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Is anxiety and fear around climate change something to overcome, embrace or channel in the English language classroom? How can we better face our climate emotions and help others to do the same? Can we encourage more positive climate emotions like hope, connectedness and empowerment in our lives and schools? 

In this session, we will look at some big climate emotions, examine their causes, and discuss how we can help our English Language Learners use these emotions to make a positive impact.  

Harry Waters wears many hats, both literally and figuratively. One of them is as a multi-award-winning teacher trainer; others include teacher, writer, climate activist, podcast host, TEDx speaker and hat wearer.

His journey into sustainability-driven education culminated in the inception of Renewable English, a platform merging language learning with environmental consciousness. Harry is also the sustainability consultant for the National Geographic Learning program Life, Third Edition.

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Hosted by: National Geographic Learning Global

Category: Authentic Content, Motivating Learners, Sustainability

Presenter: Harry Waters

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