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Making Thinking Visible: A Path from Theory to Application

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Hosted by: National Geographic Learning Latin America

Category: Academic Days

Presenter: John Howard Galindo

Transference of knowledge is a goal that, as educators, we envision as the ultimate stop for our learners. Many questions arise in connection to this thesis, amongst them: what can we do to support our learners to apply all the knowledge they have and display their communicative ability in an efficient and effective way? The aim of this session is to discuss a series of simple, practical, and usable thinking routines that can be taken to the classroom, and that will be helpful for students to continue to develop their communicative competence in English.

John Howard Galindo is a TEFL certified teacher with over 20 years of experience working in ELT as a coordinator, teacher, and teacher trainer. He holds a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and a B.A. in Business that has allowed him to understand education as a learning experience that needs to be approached differently. During his professional life he has been loyal to the promise of sharing knowledge to help others achieve better opportunities, using English as a means to do so. He has been teaching at all levels of both formal and non-formal institutions, having worked with students and teachers from different countries in Latin America, sharing insights to motivate people to change the world one step at the time. John has combined his expertise in marketing and business to make meaningful lessons that motivate learners to reach their full potential.

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