What's New in World Link, Fourth Edition

26 January 2021


Join Development Editor Lewis Thompson and author John Hughes to learn about what’s new in the fourth edition of World Link, National Geographic Learning’s best-selling integrated-skills program from young adults and adults. Lewis will describe the research-based engagement that informed the revision: what has made previous editions of World Link so popular with teachers and learners world-wide and what they wanted more in the new edition. John will then introduce some exciting new updates like the new ‘Global Voices’ video program, the ‘Active English’ sections that build student confidence when communicating, and World Link’s greater focus on achieving ‘Can do’ language goals to increase learner motivation.  Audience questions and participation are encouraged.   


John Hughes is an award-winning ELT author and teacher trainer. With over 30 book titles, his best-known course series is National Geographic Learning’s Life and he is also a co-author on the new third edition of World English. As a teacher trainer, he has run courses, workshops and given conference presentations in over 40 countries. His main specialism is materials development and bridging the gap between theory and practice. He still teaches and pilots his own materials with students in Oxford.


Lewis Thompson is a Senior Development Editor with National Geographic Learning and is based in Boston, MA. Lewis works directly with authors to develop content for General English courses. Away from his role as a content developer, Lewis has a personal interest in language-learner identity from a sociocultural perspective.

John Hughes
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