Students Love These Seven Tricks

23 October 2020


The language teaching world has changed and many things that used to work are either no longer possible or no longer successful. This session will examine some of the challenges that teaching online brings, and then introduce seven practical ways – and yes, one of them is to take lessons from online “clickbait” headlines – to make online classes more engaging and interesting for students and more rewarding for instructors.


Christien Lee has worked in English Language Teaching for over 25 years. His roles have included teacher, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, materials writer, director of studies, school owner, consultant, and author. He has wide experience in ELT, but specializes in academic English and exam preparation. He is the author of a dozen textbooks including 21st Century CommunicationPathways: Listening, Speaking, and Critical Thinking, and World English from National Geographic Learning.
Christien Lee
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