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This webinar aims to give you practical ideas for teaching English to teens and provide you with classroom activities that can get your learners interacting and communicating in the classroom. First, we’ll look at teaching through content and how to bring the outside world into the classroom to help our learners become more global. We will then look at the importance of vocabulary as the building blocks of language and get teens to develop their grammar by actually using it.  We will also look at ways to make use of listening and reading materials to maximize learner output and ideas for getting teens communicating to one another using the spoken or written form. After that, we’ll turn ways to integrate video and technology into our classes to add new dynamics to classroom learning. Finally, we’ll discuss ways to help our students retain and use the language they have learned beyond the classroom.


Jair Félix is a National Geographic Learning Senior ELT Academic Consultant for Latin America. He has a B.A. in TEFL from Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa in Mexico and a Post-Graduate Degree on Teachers’ Development from The College of St. Mark & St. John, Plymouth, UK. Jair has been involved in language teaching and teacher training for over 23 years and has conducted workshops on various topics such as lesson planning, discourse analysis for language teachers, action research, educational technologies, and 21st century skills, among others. Jair also holds a Diploma in Teaching English for Specific Purposes (DipTESP) and the E-Tutoring Certificate from the British Council. He is a frequent presenter at ELT conferences throughout Latin America.
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