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Tips for Academic Writing Success

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Segment: Academic Skills

Hosted by: National Geographic Learning Global

Category: Academic Skills, Writing

Presenters: Don Clyde Bhasy, Derek Mackrell

To succeed in an academic environment, the ability to write well in English is an essential skill. The kinds of writing we ask of learners can vary from basic sentences at the lowest level, through to well-developed paragraphs, and all the way to an argumentative or persuasive essay at the highest levels.

No matter what level your students are, there are many things you can do as a teacher to support them and help them to succeed at academic writing. Using examples from Pathways Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking, 3rd Edition, this webinar will look at practical tips and activities you can use to help your learners become better writers.

Derek Mackrell is a Managing Editor for National Geographic Learning. He is a former teacher and teacher trainer, and has an MA in online education and a DTEFLA in English Language Teaching. Derek has more than twenty years’ experience in producing print and digital learning materials for teachers and students. He is currently based in Singapore.

Don Clyde Bhasy is a Development Editor for National Geographic Learning. In his 7 years with NGL, he has helped develop several best-selling titles including Pathways and Time Zones. Clyde has an additional 6 years of experience in the publishing industry editing books and producing academic journals. He has a BA in Communication Studies and English and is based in Singapore.

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